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Based on Shim Sung experts, this training incorporates a variety of Meridian Exercises. These exercises are more than just simple stretching techniques. Meridian Exercises of Shim Sung can stimulate the pressure points as well as all the relevant meridians inside the body. Thus, the Meridian Exercises of Shim Sung can enhance the circulation and the flexibility of the person, making him supercharged to maximize the training. Below are other amazing Shim Sung information about this workshop’s Meridian Exercises.

Exercise that can Alleviate Back Pain

At certain points in our lives, we endure lower back pain, and all of us don’t like this experience. Some of us experience mild lower back pain, while others experience moderate ache. However, there are several individuals who experience excruciating lower back pain.

Based on the explanation of the National Institutes of Health, back pain is considered as the 2nd most typical neurological condition in the United States of America. Among the solutions that this prestigious health organization suggests in order to ease back condition is exercise, particularly strengthening exercises that can boost the abdominal and back muscles.

One of the best examples of such exercises are the Meridian Exercises of Shim Sung. The Meridian Exercises of this Dahn Yoga successor can stretch the muscles, henceforth, alleviating pain. By doing the Meridian Exercises of Shim Sung in regular basis, your muscles will definitely be loosened, allowing the flow of rich, oxygenated blood.

This will nourish the muscles, permitting the energy to stream all throughout the body. If a person is too sedentary, the energy inside his body will be obstructed which may lead to leveraged stiffness and pain.

Example of Shim Sung Meridian Exercise: The Leg Sweep

This particular Shim Sung and Dahn Yoga exercise can leverage the heat energy that is situated in the lower abdominal region, permeating the whole body. It also alleviates chronic lumbago as well as promotes excellent well-being.

Make your body relax prior to execution of this exercise in order to unleash the tension.

Stand while your feet are shoulder width apart and then place your hands at the back of your waist.

Breathe in and then bend the upper body. Using your palms, sweep down the back portion of your legs and then grasp your ankles.

Pull the torso towards the ankles gently until your head is in between your legs.

Maintain this pose and then try to stretch farther. Don’t forget to breathe comfortably. Feel the strengthening that is happening in the lower abdominal region, lower back, and waist.

Breathe out and then gradually go back to the original position.

Repeat the motions for 2 times.

Chest Expanding Exercise of Shim Sung

There are Shim Sung exercises that can open the so-called heart Chakra. Based on the explanation of the great Ilchi Lee, the Chest Expanding Exercise of Shim Sung can promote full and deep breathing. It as well improves that capacity of the lungs and the heart.

To know more Shim Sung information about the Chest Expanding Exercise, enroll in a Shim Sung center near you.

My advocacy is to counsel’s individuals or groups regarding psychological or emotional problems such as stress, substance abuse, or any health and spiritual problems and develops and implements therapeutic treatment plan in residential setting like Shim Sung.

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