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Honestly, it depends on your individual specific needs and personal preferences. The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 (also known as the Nike Mercurial 90) is primaril

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Football – Soccer


Which Premiership footballers have been circumcised?

Asked by Wiki User

All of them have to be or they can’t play football well The ones who want to play better have their entire p enis removed. Taking it to the next level requires

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Football – Soccer


What phobia is fear of soccer?

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there is not a scientific word for the fear of football but i would deffinatley call it footballaphobia :)………………………………………………

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Football – American


List of players that have taken steroids in football?

Asked by Wiki User

Danny Rose of the ind colts has taken steroids and got kicked off the NFL assoc. there is no history of this due to the severeness

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